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behind the scenes of DBI- a collection of FAQ's

DBI secrets- totally spills the beans of everything I forgot to add lib to

Thank you!-A public list of those who have kindly given to the DBI project!

Dragonball Inferno: Saga prolouge and theme song()

Dragonball Inferno: The Himegami Saga- This deals with all the characters lives after they have defeted the Omega child. This is when they first meet Himegami, and the once dead nemises, Garlic. At the end, a new creation changes Vegeta's life forever.(*)

note: Due to some irriversable damage to this, there is some wrong info in it. . . Trunks is Vegeta's and Bulma's son, not Kuriran', and Himegami is only 17 units old in this saga. . thank you



Dragonball Inferno: Karen Ano Chibi-Kimono (after The Himegami Saga)-This is when the soul creation of Himegami and Piccolo arrives. By order of Guruu, they are required to train thier new son.They meet some old friends to help them with the deed, but someone else wants thier son too: Omega. (*)

ACT ||: Karen Ano Chibi-Kimono- The battle of the millenium happens, when Omega is granted the power of the ages, and changes Kimono into Hell's knight.()

Epilouge 


(warning! You need to read ALL of Android 59's and I's fanfics before reading this or else you will not understand the characters and what's going on!)-Everyone is back on earth, but What happens to the world when the nearby Sadiana galaxy cluster collapses, causing a supernova to explode into our solar system? Or was the supernova caused by someone, and not just a mear crash?

Chapter 1: News cast(*)

Chapter 2: Aurora Borielas(*)

Chapter 3: You can breath now.(*)

Chapter 4: Heat wave(*)

Chapter 5: Sweet dreams tonight(*)

Chapter 6: Remenising(*)

Chapter 7: Dust bowl ()

(SailorM's sidestory to chapter 7: Dust bowl; reflections) ()

Chapter 8: Ruby()

Chapter 9: fire maiden()

Chapter 10: We're baaaccckk!(*)

Chapter 11: It's time(*)

Chapter 12: Crystal ball(*)

Chapter 13: Shinsei ne Megami san(*)

Epolouge( bigtime!)

The ending theme song to the last episode of the series:

sleep (w/ lyrics and background song)
sing along with
sleep! (best veiwed with a browser that can detect background MIDI's)

Lauren, May, and I's DBI dropoff chapters

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 |

Now here is where the story takes two different story lines. So, where are you heading?

Story line 1:7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 part 1 / part 2 |20 part 1/ part 2/ part 3| 21| Epilouge| end

Story line 2:7 | 8 | end

Ending theme song 'eikyuu ai no tenshi'

This is about the true past of Pikkoro and Hi megami. The small namek-jin boy had no chance of survivng for long without a caretaker and friends. . until that one fateful day when one voice heard. The only true friend he ever had/has gets created, while this story takes us through thier tramatic, yet humerous past on the small farming planet of Namek-sei

Prolouge()|1(*)|2()|3(*)|4(*)|5(*)| 6(*)|7(*)|8(*)|9()|10(*)| 11()| 12(*)|13| 14| 15()|16(*)|17(*)|18| 19 | 20 | 21 | 22 | 23 | 24 | Epilogue

Prolouge | more to come

fight #1: South park cast vs. chibi-Dragonball Inferno team()

The first EVER on the web, SONGFIC! for the hit song by Brandy and Monica;
The boy is mine-By Lauren

SCREAM aparody; done by Lauren- THIS IS SO INCREDIBLY CUTE! A must read!

This is a songfic for Save Tonight, by Eagle eye Cherry-Songfic By Daimaou Himegami

This is a songifc for 'little star' by Madonna-Songfic by Soulsinger

This is a songfic for all my life by Kay-c & JojoBy Daimaou Himegami

This is a songfic for No how, No way- By DENDESHE

Nifaria-Songfic for 'Mmmbop.'

Soulsinger-Songfic for 'Little star'

A songfic for Careless whisper- Songfic by Daimaou Himegami

(hopefully) more to come soon!

Abren's fanfiction- Abren wrote a cute story about the ventures of the DBI crew after the sadiana collapse saga, but before the white death saga. He worked VERY hard on it, so please read and enjoy! ;)

Interlude: Future Sorrow | Interlude: Winter Wipeouts and Wonders | Main fanfiction

Dendeshe's fanfiction- Dendeshe I can say is usually more than a little mad at Veggie. She has made some very nice fanfiction because of which, that revolves aroun Himegami & Piccolo.

Forgotten Love

Pisces323's fanfiction- A very cute idea storming up here! I like it a lot! Its very original and very funny!

Inner voices

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